• Pediatric dentistry in our practice

Pediatric dentistry in our practice Dr. Christian Schmid, Edelsfeld

Children are usually faced with a dentist visit without any prejudice. If the little patients get used to visiting the dentist early, the babyteeth can be checked and observed in good time. We recommend that children should be brought to our clinic in Edelsfeld with every adult check-up after their first birthday. This way you can get to know us early, long before the first treatment is necessary. The child gets used to the dentist and changes in the jaw and teeth can be detected in good time.

Many painful and expensive dental treatments are usually avoidable.

Prevention through child prophylaxis

We can advice parents about healthy eating and proper dental care for children and regularly carry out preventive measures  to keep small teeth healthy (child prophylaxis).

A trained prophylaxis assistant playfully trains the children to brush their teeth properly. The teeth are cleaned, fluoridated and sealed. This prevents tooth damage and your child does not develop any fear of visiting the dentist.  

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