• Prevention of tooth damage through prophylaxis

The motto of our dental practice in Edelsfeld is prevention instead of treatmen

There are a lot of opportunities to prevent or avoid entire treatments.  Every age has a particular strategy or form of special „aid“ for optimal dental care. This is how Cavities develop in the appropriate age groups at different places.

Unfortunately, the „creeping risk“ of periodontitis is still largely unknown.

(Disease of gum and bone)

Our prophylaxis prevention concept includes:

  • Regular Checkups
  • Professional teeth cleaning with a powder jet device
  • Individual concepts for small and tall patients
  • Gentle removal of the biofilm (bacteria in the gum pockets)
  • fluoride treatment to strengthen the enamel
  • sealants for the elimination of dirty niches on the chewing surface
  • recall system (we offer a free reminder service for your next examination appointment)

What is a professional teeth cleaning?

You should brush your teeth regularly, but not all deposits can be optimally removed during homecare. Professional prophylaxis in the pleasent atmosphere of our practice insures smooth, protective, radiant and healthy services and well/groomed gums. With this, you don´t give dangerous mouth bacteria a chance. You should treat your teeth to professional cleaning at least twice a year. With this sensible investment in your health, you can avoid major damage and also safe time and money in the long term.

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