• Implantology in Edelsfeld

Implants – a modern breakthrough in modern dentistry

Thanks to medical research and medical experience, dental implants have become a safe and permanent solution in dentistry. Implantology has been an integral part of dentistry for many years and has become indispensable, also in our dental practice in Edelsfeld.

Long terms statistics have shown that implants with good oral hygiene have a very long life expectancy and can be an optimal alternative to bridges and prostheses without a firm hold.

Dr. Michael Hansen carries out the necessary surgical procedures for inserting the implants in our practice. After the healing period, the dentures can be carried out as usual.

What are implants?

Implants consist of pure titanium or zirconium dioxide ceramic, two materials that have long proven themselves in medical technology and are biologically very well tolerated („biocompatible“).

These are anchored in the jawbone (similar to the screw) and are extremely resilient after a healing period of 3-6 months. Implants as „ artificial tooth roots“ improve the chewing quality compared to „conventional“ denture restorations and can provide a firm hold for „loose“ dentures.

When do you insert implants in the jawbone?

Individual teeth are missing

If individual teeth are missing, they can be replaced with implants. Previously, one had to drill the (possibly completely healthy and unfilled) neighboring teeth in order to replace the missing tooth with a bridge. With implants, neighboring teeth no longer have to be crowned; the tooth to be replaced is only attached to the implant. There is no need to drill healthy teeth.

Several teeth are missing

If several teeth are missing, they can be replaced with single or adjacent implants. Individual crowns and bridges on implants are then possible to replace the missing teeth. In certain cases it is possible to create „combined bridges“ (so/called „hybrid bridges“). The bridges are supported both on existing teeth and on implants.

This is a specially necessary for longer gaps when several teeth are missing next to each other.

There are only a few or no teeth left

If there are only a few teeth left or all teeth are missing, it is often difficult to hold a denture (prostheses) firmly. Implants can provide an excellent remedy here and ensure firm anchory. For this, several implants are inserted into the jawbone. These serve as anchors to attach the prothesis to. A tight fit is guaranteed again. Thus, a strong bite can be achieved with implants even with prostheses wears, a „wobbling“ of a prostheses is prevented.

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